PAX! Patreon! Pins!

Hello from PAX East! 

We're here in the Diversity Lounge with the Diverse Gaming Coalition!  If you're here, come by the booth and say hi and win some merch!!!  We've got posters, stickers, charms, and lanyards! 

We're also doing in-person pickup of any merch bought in our online merch shop!

Here's a picture of the Astralore team (All two of us, lol) at the booth-- I'm on the right (long hair) and the lead dev valeatory (short hair) is on the left!

Diverse Gaming Coalition Booth

Mention that you found us on and we'll give you a free Monstrata sticker!! <3 

The enamel pins I mentioned in our last post are also up in our online shop! They are gorgeous and sparkly and also available for pickup at our PAX table!  

They feature gold metal with black and purple enamel and red glitter droplets, and are safely secured with TWO pinpacks! Stays where you put it-- no spinning, no falling off! These pins are a sizeable 1.5" and they are a limited run, with only 100 of this design being made.

In other exciting news, our Patreon has launched!! We already have 12 awesome patrons and I am so, so humbled by the outpouring of love and support we've received.  Thank you so much to everyone, patrons and non-patrons, for helping us make this game and others a reality. <3 We love you so much. 

(Our Patreon icon of blushing Deka very well represents my feelings right now.  <3 )

For those who would like to become patrons of us, we have a little incentive for those who join our Patreon before the end of March!! Our lead developer and character artist valeatory would like to draw a sketch for you of your favorite Monstrata character! This also includes side characters-- want to know what Li Na, Rishika, or Bryan look like? This is your chance to find out! 

(More information regarding sketches will be sent to patrons after they pledge.)

That's all I have for today. Thank you for supporting us, and have an awesome weekend! (Or weekday, if you're reading this from the future!)


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Im also defiantly gonna become a patreon as soon as I get my next pax check (so in a week or so lol)


Wow, thank you so much!! <3 Your support means a lot to us!!! <3 <3 <3

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Im Gonna Cry. I was actually at pax east this year and and  I didnt know you had a booth. I like your game a lot and If your going to be at pax next year i will defiantly go and saw hi this time and probably buy whatever merch you have lol.


Awww, I'm sorry we missed you!! Hopefully we'll do other events and we'll be able to meet you in person! We really like your youtube videos of our game, thank you so much for making them!! <3 <3 <3

Yay, becoming a patron right now! Being able to support the project is really nice!

Wow omg!! Thank you so much!!! <3 I'll send you the email regarding the sketch!! <3