Chapter 2, Part 1 Public Release

Hello all!

This has been very delayed, so I thank you all very much for your patience. If you follow us on tumblr or patreon, you probably already know that we went through a lot of difficulties over the past few months.

In the briefest of updates, we: Bought a house, both lost our jobs, had to move very suddenly, had our basement flood due to human error, went on a vacation we were financially locked into going on, got stranded in Florida by Hurricane Dorian, had our car break down, our oven broke, we went to a wedding, and most recently we dealt with a home invasion situation.

It was a lot to have happen in only a few months. Val has a job now, but we're still recovering from the financial toll of everything that happened, so we're still living on our nearly-maxed out credit cards.

Because of that, it was very difficult to get any work on the game done. At this point, some work on the next update after this is done, and we're hoping to have that released to early access patrons sometime later this month. The one currently being worked on is Cailean's next event! If you are a patron, and you haven't already, please go vote in the poll for whose route update we should work on after that. (Right now, I think it's a tie between Elsie and Deka.)

In the meantime, for the general public, here I have the update that the patrons have had for a few months now! Thank you again for your patience. <3

Special thanks to patrons: Noisyparker, Batteryfish, Saffron, Christian Esser, Rika Focs, and Gwen Wheeler!!!

New in this release:

  • 5k new words of common plot content and setup for the next route events
  • One new background
  • One new silhouette
  • Additional camera motion
  • The first CG


  • Typographical fixes (in the intro, and in Vivietta's event)
  • Parallax is now optional in the Preferences menu
  • MC name color now matches hair more closely 

Please let us know what you think! And, if you're willing, share the game with a friend!!

Thank you so much!! <3


Monstrata Fracture - Windows + Linux 179 MB
Version 1.2.01 Oct 07, 2019
Monstrata Fracture - Windows, Mac, Linux 188 MB
Version 1.2.01 Oct 07, 2019
Monstrata Fracture - Mac 161 MB
Version 1.2.01 Oct 07, 2019

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How do I play Chapter 2?

If you haven't already, try deleting the version you already have, and then download the new version.

Yeah but it ends after the roommate says that he doesn't think the new students are human. It says End of Chapter 1 and then I can't play anymore. Do I need to be a patron to play or is it available to the public as per the terms "public release?"

Sorry about that. There must be an error where the title card for the end of Chapter 1 at the end of the current content, which is should not do. We'll fix this in the next update. 

Based on your description, it sounds like you do have the first part of Chapter 2 though! The part where Frances comes in to talk to you is the end of the first part of Chapter 2. I'm sorry about this confusion!


I'm so happy :) also thank you for a new part in the game. :)


Soooo excited to play but I'll have to survive until tonight to do so. College work sucks!



ooo! The first CG! Looking forward to seeing it in game :) Also this is the first time I've really followed a development of a game... Do I have to restart all routes every time I download a new version? Or is there a way to preserve what I've already done in previous updates? Sorry if this is a silly question. :')

Hello! Thank you for supporting us! <3

The best advice I can offer you is to use the desktop app to download the "Windows, Mac, Linux" version. I believe that should preserve your save data. Let us know if you have any trouble with this and we can see about working something else out!

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Hi, I have downloaded the desktop app and the windows mac linux version on there. 

However, this error pops up when I try to load a saved file:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "renpy/common/00action_file.rpy", line 452, in __call__
Exception: Couldn't find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way?

There was also a full traceback that also could not find a place to stop rolling back

What could be the issue?

I'm having some confusion. How do I play chapter 2? I've been struggling to do so.