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Heaven has been growing weaker in the wake of the catastrophe that befell the old world. So the Council has voted: A new Realm is authorized, and construction is to begin. But will every deity play by the rules?

Created for the 2018 Ren'Py Jam. A unique Ren'Py feature that this VN heavily utilizes is the new Layered Image system - it's used for both the characters and the backgrounds; making expressions, partial background changes, minor animations, and parallax much more convenient.

This current version of the game is a kinetic demo - there are no choices or branches in the game at this time, but it will be updated at a later date.

This visual novel has been inspired by the contents of several real world religions. It is purely a work of fiction, and not intended to represent or to dishonor the beliefs of any who follow those religions.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsExperimental, Fantasy, Kinetic Novel, LGBT, mythology, Ren'Py, Story Rich


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It's really simple and beautiful at the same time! I just wish there were some gameplay and not just a story, but I still like it!

I'm glad you liked it so much! We'd really like to come back and expand on this and make it non-linear when we have the time to devote to it, so I hope you'll check back again in the future. ❤

I'll try my best to


I didn't expect it to be so short!  It was lovely though. I was captivated already  with just the beginning. Deity-related  lore is  something  I'm fond  of  so I'm  genuinely hoping there's  more. I love  the art  style too!  


Thank you for playing and commenting!! We will definitely add more when we're less swamped with our other project!! Thank you so much! <3


Quite nice so far. The storyline is pretty neat, even though I had trouble understanding what exactly the problem with the Garden of Eden was (why was letting humans in bad? that I couldn't wrap my head around) 

The main attraction was the art, which was gorgeous. The flat coloring of the characters makes for a neat look. Reminds me of cel-shaded art for some reason. The blinking animations were pretty cool, and the expressions cool as well. I hope to see different kinds of gods, like Sam (the cat one) which aren't entirely human. I think that would be nice to see, given the art style. 

Thank you for the feedback!! I'll try to make the details about the Garden more clear when we update it. 

Thank you for playing and also complimenting the art!! We were hoping for a stained glass look, I hope it came across well!


Great game The layoured image is really unique, it made the little things the characters did, like blinking and facial expressions really interesting. Story line is great too, I'm looking forward to more! I included it in Part 3 of my Ren'Py Jam videos I hope you don't mind. Best of luck!

Thank you so much for your observations, and thank you for including it in your video!! <3