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Enjoyed the art style. My only nit pick is the hair style  of MC. Would of been nice to have a couple options of style not really a big deal.

Thank you for playing and for making a video!! I hope you enjoyed talking to Elsie. <3 The customizer is limited to make development faster, but maybe with more funding, we could add a couple more options later. c: 


I absolutly <3 this game!!! I can't get over how kind (and cute) Cailean is. I hope we get to enjoy the full version soon (fingers crossed).....

Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you like Cailean so much!! <3 I don't know when the full version will be complete, but we will keep updating with new content as we complete it, so check back again in the future!! Thank you for playing and commenting! <3


I really enjoy this game so far! Deku is my favorite so far. When do you think this might be completed? 

As in, entirely completed? We're not sure. Hopefully within another year? In the meantime, we're just adding updates to the content as we complete it, so check back again in the future!! Thank you for playing and leaving us a comment!! <3

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wow, so i liked the game but i don't knew this is no fully complete yet. 

This get so sad. But i'm looking forward the next story, so thanks for he good work, i really liked the game the monster, 

Nikolai  is my fav, i wanted see the friend with black hair too, but Nikolai look lonesome, something him need I don't know. 

Well thanks and i'll waiting for more, this is very nice

Thank you!! Sorry to disappoint you with an unfinished game, but we'll hopefully update again soon!! Maybe some day, Nikolai's friend can get a sprite too, haha. Thank you for playing, and I hope you will enjoy the next installment too. <3


Very nice so far!

 I really like the art-each character seems to have their own color scheme (Cailean's is green and blue , Nikolai's is red, Deka's is purplish and Elsie's is also purplish?) But at any rate, they're all very pleasing to look at! Especially I like Elsie's shirt, for some reason. It looks like it's very comfy. I liked how Deka's eyes changed with their mood. It was very clever, and very cute.

If anything I am more curious to what happens next in the story, especially about the necromancer.  I wonder if you can date the necromancer though that wouldn't be the best idea XD

Keep up the good work! I'll be eagerly awaiting it!


Yes, you're right!! Elsie's color scheme is more of a green/white, but you were pretty close! (Maybe it's not clear enough oops haha) Her sweater does look very cozy <3 Thank you very much for playing and leaving us a nice comment!!

As for whether you can date the necromancer... well, that would be spoilers, wouldn't it? ^^


It is the best game I've played but if you want some advice i would say some pictures as in certain parts of the game where each picture of the character your dating is in a spot where they look good for example: a human girl at the beach in her bikini or a human guy working out at the gym, like other visual novels. you should also animate the movements of the whole body when there face changes or they change position and have the animation of the friends and waitresses so we know what they look like as well. one more thing since you don't have it finished try to get more people on your team for example: you can have more people to come up with ideas, people who draw those ideas, people virtually draw those those ideas, people who program them, and etc. 

Thank you for the compliment!! <3

I believe the images you're talking about are CGs? We are planning to put CGs into the game later!! It's just not as high on the priority list as we wrap up getting sprites for the major characters.

Animating movements of the whole body is a nice stretch goal, but it's a LOT of extra work! So while it's something we would ideally like to do also, it's definitely on the "Things we'd like to do if we get a lot of Patreon/KS funding" list, haha. Same for making full sprites for the background characters. c:

As for more people on the team: It's true we are only a two person team right now. But we are comfortable with the team dynamic we have now! We might commission outside sources for assets at some point, such as music, and maybe someday we will want a larger team for our works, But at the moment, this is what works for us.

Thank you for all your lovely suggestions. c: I appreciate you taking the time to think about how we can improve our game and I welcome more ideas! Thank you for playing and leaving us a nice comment! <3

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The art is great, from the characters to the backgrounds. I love absolutely everything about this game! <3 Thank you for making this (also a VERY big thank you for pronoun options) I will definitely wait for more content ♥

Wow thank you so much!! I'm glad you appreciate the pronoun options <3 They're not hard to implement, and we feel like they're worth it for the people that need them. c: I'm glad it made the game a better experience for you. <3

This looks really good I just wanted to ask, I'm confused on which file to download, I have windows and it looks like there are three different versions? Please help because this looks so awesome!!


Ahh, I hope you'll like it!! Any of those versions should work just fine, but if you don't want to decide, we recommend this one:

Let us know how it goes!! <3

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Thank you!

Edit: I just played it, Elsie is my favorite! I thought I wouldn't like Deku but I actually like them a lot too.

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Ahhh thank you for playing it!! I'm glad you liked the characters!! <3

I'm confused, it suggests there is much more content but I can't get past Elsie. A, I doing something wrong?

Thank you for asking!! Since Elsie is a recent addition, her section of the game is a little bit linear right now. To access the other characters in the game, when you're in the classroom and it gives you the option to look at the "rabbit girl" or to look at the "seaweed boy", choose the "seaweed boy". This will set you on the path to meeting everyone else who is currently in the game. Sorry about the confusion!!

Elsie is adorable! Lovely adition.

Thank you!! We'll be adding a few more girls soon!!


I enjoyed the demo! I really like Cailean and Deka. Both of them are super cute!

I'm really glad you like them!! They're both very sweet. c: Look forward to the next update and thank you for playing and commenting!! <3

I love all of the characters

Awww, thank you! <3 We have more of them in store, I hope you'll love the future ones too!! Thank you for playing and commenting!! <3

I don't see any love for Cailean in the comments so I just wanted to change that! He is sweet and adorable <3 I love ALL the characters but he seemed underrepresented here lol.

I'm sure he appreciates your kindness!! <3 Don't worry, he's quite popular in our Discord server. <3 Thank you so much for playing and commenting!!

Love the game, but it crashes every time I try to save it... I've played earlier versions and didn't have this problem, on a mac each time - I adore Elsie though!

Oh dear! I'll ask the lead developer to look into this. Does it give you any information when it crashes?

I'm really glad you enjoyed it despite the crashing! So sorry about this!!

Ah no need to apologise, every game has teething problems! It doesn't give any information - whenever I click on a save slot the game just shuts down. I'm still able to play right through the game though..

Thank you so much for reporting this! This is the other developer. If you could, do you think you could make it crash again, then go to / and send us the log.txt? It would really help me replicate your issue, and hopefully fix it asap!

- vale

I downloaded the update but couldn't help but do Nikolai's route again. I love this game and the characters a lot. Thank you for your work!


Thank you for downloading and playing again! I hope the changes to Nikolai's route were fun for you. <3 Thank you so much for your comment!!

This game is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for your hard work, I'm already pretty invested in all the characters with just the demo! You guys have done a wonderful job and thank you so much for sharing such a lovely thing. I can't wait until it's done since it's already so fantastic.

Nikolai seems to be very popular lol, easy to see why. I really love that he's an alkonost, I thought that was like, the coolest mythology tidbit! You guys have done awesome here. I love the depth you've already put into the world what with Nikolai being upper class and Deka lower, and this showing very clearly.  I look forward to seeing Nikolai's development, lol, since he's charming and beautiful and I can tell there is more but he is a bit of a mean girl. As you are when you grow up lucky.

Sorry for rambling but I already could so much tbh! Lovely!

Ahhh, thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying the game so far! I'm really glad that the clear social stratification is coming through also. c: I hope that Nikolai's development will be satisfying for you!

Also there is a new update, if you haven't had the chance to check it out!

Thank you for the lovely comment! <3


Any new content? I'm anxious to romance Nikolai!


Ahhh, Nikolai is my favorite too!! There's no new content yet, but I'll put together a status update soon so everyone will know where we are currently! Thank you for checking in!! <3

i'm glad we all feel the same about Nikolai and his glorious self but i have a question, i know that he is an avian but i was wondering if he's based off of/ is something specific like a sirin or a harpy or if he was based off a specific kind of bird

 A good question! Nikolai is an alkonost, a creature from Russian mythology very similar to a sirin!! He is not designed after a particular bird, his design is purely the whim of the artist. I hope that answers your questions!

Thank you! it makes me incredibly happy to see that unlike some other creators, you make time to come online and answer questions that fans of the game may have^^ keep up the good work!

Thank you! I may not always answer in a timely fashion, but I do try to answer eventually! We really like connecting with the people who play our game. <3

im just checking in too to see how its going 

That's sweet of you, thank you!! As I mentioned in the other comment, things slowed down for some real-life reasons for a bit, but we'll be back on track with an update soon! I'll try to write up a devlog to state our current progress soon. Thank you for checking in!! <3

hello hellooo just checking in :D how is progress going? hope all is well


Progress is going! It slowed down a bit as I had to change jobs recently and the other dev had to travel for family reasons for a bit. But hopefully we can get back on track and update in the next few weeks!! Thank you for checking on us!! <3

What a creative game!! I love the thing with the "Unsight"!!  My favourite guy (?) is Deka, he is so adorable and eloquent!!  Nikolai seems to be exactly the guy Taylor Swift wrote "I knew you were trouble" about...     XD

Ahhh thank you!!!

Deka is wonderful, I feel like eloquent is such a good word for them! I've heard it comes as a surprise for some people once they actually get communicating with Deka, haha.

Nikolai sure is trouble, be careful around him!! 

Thank you for the lovely comment and thanks for playing!! <3


I love this game!

I really like Nikolai's look! It's what made me play the game! :)

I'm looking forward to the next update.

Thank you so much!! I'm so pleased that you love it and like Nikolai's look! Look forward to the next update and thank you for commenting!! <3

I love the artstyle. The protagonist and Nikolai are particularly good-looking. Blinking animation is adorable. Main menu BG music is trilling.

How many options for romance is there going to be, approximately? Are they all going to have different pacing (I mean, I've already did Nikolai, but the kelpie took a rain check, so it seems that the bird has most content at the moment)?  Will the game be long (I like them long)? 

The customiser is okay as it is, for me (mostly because I already love the MC's face, please keep it), and I'm content with the colouring options.

During a drinking game, I thought it would have been good to have some opportunities to actually answer the questions, at least for RP's sake. I'm not a big fan of autodialogue. Maybe consider it, at least for future interactions of this kind?

Thank you so much for all the compliments to our work! <3

Let me see... Right now, the number of romance options is somewhere between 6-8. How they progress is really dependent on each character's personality, so it's hard to say what the pacing will be like for each one. I will say that, regarding Nikolai, sleeping with him is not the end goal, haha! (I mean, anyone can do that if they want!!) As for the length, we're thinking it will probably be over 100,000 words, maybe much more than that, but we're still working it out.

I do agree with you about having more dialogue options for the drinking game. It's likely we'll add them to the next update. Previously, we were hurrying to meet a certain deadline and didn't have time to expand on that part, but both of us are interested in changing that in the future.

Thanks for all of your input!! I hope I was able to give satisfactory answers! <3

hiy, any new updates on the horizon?


Yes! While it's not ready yet, we are currently working every day on a new content update! We'll be introducing some new characters and plot elements, and we're pretty excited about it. I think it should be up within the next month or two, but we'll see how things play out! Thanks for checking back!! c:

Have only just started playing I'll admit but I'm already invested and in-love with the options. My only two requests would be could we be aloud to change the characters hair a bit more say two colours?, my second is something that I think could take the game to the next level which is could we possibly get voices for the characters you interact with?  I'd be happy to lend mind and I'm sure alot of others would be happy to help out too if you'd like or even just those funny noises they make in visual novels, you know to give you an idea of the tone or what they might sound like. Please don't misunderstand I love the idea of making the player give them their own voice I just thought it could be fun and take the game from 100 to 150 :) just for the record though even if you don't make these changes I'll still love the game  so no stress.

I'm so glad you like the game!!

We don't currently have any plans to change the customizer. :c It's unfortunate, but the way it's currently set up saves us a lot of development time for future assets - basically, having it this way will make it easier for us to add CGs in the future without tons of recoloring and new color algorithms. I'm not saying we'll never change it, it's just not one of our priorities right now.  ^^;

We also don't have plans for voicing the game right now, but this is something we might address when we look at putting together a Kickstarter to fund development for extra features and merchandising. Stay tuned for more info on that in the coming months! c:

Thank you so much for playing and leaving a great comment! <3

I loved this game! I particularly like Nikolai, not because he's mean, but because he has so much depth to his character and it's pretty easy to tell that he's subject to growth. He's really interesting as a character and I'd love to see more. 

I also really like the protagonist's reactions because I think some games tend to overdo reactions to the point where it's more out of place than anything. Anyway! Great job on this game and I'm excited to play more! =)

I find what you say about Nikolai really fascinating because, though of course I'm inclined to agree with you, I feel like at this stage he doesn't appear to be a character with a lot of depth. Then again, maybe he's letting on more than I think he is at this stage!  I'd love to hear more of your observations on this. c:

I'm glad you like the protagonist's reactions!  I do wonder if I should make them stronger, but doing that can feel like imposing a strong reaction on the player. It's a tough balance!

Anyway, I'm glad you like the game so far, thank you very much for your lovely comment!  (I'm also amused that it seems you read through the other comments, haha! c: )

I am absolutely amazed by this game! The whole plot is great and I adore fantasy themed games :) The characters seem very enjoyable and their artwork is beautiful as well. And also! As someone who can't afford to pay for games, I am eternally grateful that something this pretty will be free! Can't wait for the full release, I'm very interested in seeing the story developing!

Thank you so much for playing and commenting! We hope you'll enjoy the next update as well! <3

I love how the mc deals with seeing all these monsters just showing up in their classroom. Nothing over the top or embarrassing, just 'oh this isn't normal'

My favourite character is Nikolei, I love his route and I'm  super excited to see what will happen next.

Sometimes I wonder if MC should react more strongly - but then I think, real people actually adapt surprisingly well to unusual circumstances, don't they? Most people don't have over the top reactions, I feel. So maybe it's fine, haha. I'm glad you like it, anyway!!

I'm glad you like Nikolai! He's my (the writer) favorite too, haha! I hope you'll continue to enjoy his route as we update it!! c:

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i liked the demo, i think the drawings are done very well and the concept is cool. My favourite so far is Deka.  just wondering if Nikolei will get a bit nicer.  I'm pretty sure if I was the MC at one point i'd end up slapping him, maybe make this an option. ;) Would love to see some humility whacked into him.

Still I can't wait for the full release to see what this becomes. Any idea on ETA?

Also is this commercial, if so how much it will it be?

I'm wondering the same things! I'm so ready for the full game. 

can't wait

Hello, I'm here to answer some questions!

Will slapping Nikolai be an option? Possibly! At the very least, giving him a well-deserved verbal smackdown seems quite likely...

Full release ETA: We're hoping the game will be completed by the end of the year. However, we're planning to roll out semi-regular updates every few months with new events and characters, so check back often! c:

The game will continue to be a free game even when it is fully released. c: We're planning to release some DLC as well as physical merchandise, but the game itself will remain free!

Thank you for your lovely questions, let me know if you have any more! Thank you for playing! <3

Thanks for the reply, can't wait for the next update, and hope you guys are doing well

Omg, this game is amazing, more so that the characters are mystical creatures! I have a large intrest in such creatures so much that I am currently studying them as a hobby along with Wiccan. This  game really made my day and I can't wait for an update!

Oh that's awesome!! Mythical creatures are so fascinating, and there are so many of them and so many variations on the lore of each one!! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and are looking forward to the update! Thank you for commenting, and good luck with your studies!!

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hi, hello, i absolutely ADORED this little game?? you only go on one date with him but i would probably die for cailean i'm not gonna lie. thank you so much for putting it out there, and i'm going to be waiting with baited breath for the next update!!! 

Ahhh, I'm so glad you enjoyed what we have so far!! In the next update, you can go on another date with him and maybe learn a little more about him!! Thank you for your sweet comment and for playing the game!!! <3

(2 edits)

I'm sorry but will it be possible in the future to make the protagonist blond and  with straight hair?... Or at least just blond?)

We don't currently have a plan for expanding on the character customizer, but we'll definitely keep your suggestions in mind if we add to it! Thank you for commenting! I hope you enjoyed the other updates to the game! <3

OMG NEW VERSION *dies from the excite *


I hope you enjoy it!!! Let us know what you think!!!

it's good am glad i get to put a face to the player character now

I just found your game and it looks really great. I don't really enjoy playing unfinished games, so is it okay to ask how close you are to releasing full thing?

Of course it's okay to ask!! I understand that,  absolutely.  Though I'm not sure I can give you a satisfactory answer...

The current version is 15k words, and we're hoping to give it another 15k word update on every couple months until it's complete.  Ideally, it would be finished by the end of the year. I can't guarantee that's how things will play out, but that is our current goal.  Does that answer your question? c:

Also, thank you for saying it looks great, we appreciate that! 

Love the lore NEED MORE

Thank you so much for the video, you guys had me cracking up the whole time!!

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WOW! Nikolai is fantastic! I love his personality! He's so hooot , sassy and intriguing, and his design is marvellous! I also like that he's mean) Can't wait to play his complete route.
I can't say I'm interested in dating Cailean or Deka... let's say they both aren't my types but Nikolai made me fall in love with him!
Greetings from Italy) And good luck with the game.

This is one of our favorite comments because it's so honest. I really love how people are so aware that Nikolai is mean and terrible... but they still like him!
Your English is great, no need to apologize!! Hello from the US!! Thank you for your support!!

ooohhh i love it!!! can't wait for more

Thanks for your support!! I hope you love the rest of it too!! <3

I've just played through the demo. It's a very good game, and remembered me from "Tusks", which's not just about dating people but also allows you to know more about the characters, their origins, what they like and etc, which's great! :)

Also, I've just felt in love with Deka, haha, even though Cailean also seems a nice guy to hang with.

Anyway, best wishes for you and your team and I'll be looking forward to the full version. :)


Thank you for this great comment!! I'm really glad you felt like you were really getting to know the characters, I hope that feeling continues when you play the rest!

Ahhh, Deka is so cute, I'm excited that they're your favorite!! Cailean is also very sweet, good choices!

Thank you for wishing us well, and thank you for playing!!

Thanks for the reply. Keep up the good work, heh.

Yeah. Deka is such a little sweetheart, isn't them ? And also you get to know more about these being's lore. Looking forward to see the MC give him some more love, and maybe... a first "kiss" if possible ? (I never though I'd found skeletons cute, haha. But like Skelly from "Monster Girl Gamu" and Sans from "Undertale", Deka is one of a GOOD kind, you know)

No problem. Hope you folks have a nice weekend. ;)

A first kiss is certainly a possibility!! I hope you are still looking forward to more of Deka!!!

Oh, nice, and of course I'm very interested in our lovely skeleboy's storyline. :)

Keep up the good work.

A monster boy game? I think I'm in love. also"Pronoun options!" Man you have no idea how much I love those options in games. Especially when they have a third option. I can't wait  to buy the full thing!

Thanks for commenting!! I'm glad you love the monster boys!!

Pronoun options are so fun! They're not hard to implement, either, especially if you don't have art for the MC. (Which we intend to add later, but we'll still have pronoun options, of course!) We wish the pronoun options were a bit better implemented in our game, but it's something we intend to clean up in a later update, so that will be a little smoother.  Thank you for playing!!


Awww, the demo was great! Personally I enjoyed Nikolai the most ('cause I love the asshole-guy type in general). And his design! Magnificent!

Looking forward for the whole game!

Ahhh, thank you for the comment!! I personally also really enjoy Nikolai, he's so absolutely terrible that it makes him great fun to write! Our artist/lead developer designed him before we decided on his personality, so we kind of just went with something that matched his glamorous aesthetic. Thank you for playing!!

ow wow, I thought it was the other way around (character -> design)! But either way it worked out great! 

I have a spoiler question about the alkonost-gender thing ;D is it OK to ask here or better wait?))

If you join our Discord server, you can ask in the #spoilers channel, and I'll answer you there! (If I can!) I'm excited for your question!

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