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Just put in 4  hours into this game. Just finished 2 routes so far. I persnoaly feel the newtral route should have more then a  non monster ending. It would be neet if the Nekromancher started killing  humans  like your roomate who starts seeing them and chooses not to stop like you did. Also I can not find the  5th doll  character you show  in your art? I hope you get the  time to finish this. I LOVE  MONSTER GIRLS. 

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Is this game still going? I really enjoyed it when I played it years ago.

I was kind of dissapointed to see virtually nothing has been added in over a year.


Do you know what the price will be when this is finished by chance? I'd like to add it to the correct category in my collections. It looks so fantastic, so definitely keeping an eye on this one! 

this game so far.
I got to the end of the content talking with Elsie, and the only complaint I can have is that there isn't more of it. I Absolutely look forward to the future updates, and if I have the spare cash around, I'll certainly fund this project


Looks fun! Although I'll be waiting for the full game's release


7/10, can't wait to see the finished game!


I was having so much fun with this! The art is amazing, the characters are fun the story keeps me wanting more and the music is amazing! Looking forward to updates!


is the project still going


It absolutely is c:


thank god it is! I love you(❤´艸`❤) thank you so much!


I'm so glad


I love this game so much! There are so few fantasy dating sim games that actually stick to fantasy characters instead of making them look like regular humans. I'm in love with Nikolai's design, by the way. So excited for the rest of the game. You guys a doing a great job!


Thank you so much for saying so!! Sometimes I look at the designs and stress over, "but are they monstrous enough?" and then the other dev has to set me back on track and tell me to stop worrying over stuff like that haha! Thank you so much for enjoying our work! Nikolai really is eye-catching; I also love looking at him, haha!


Oh my god i loved this so much! the art is gorgeous and i love the added detail by the animation. The character design is so far my favorite and i swear to god I'd lose my mind if i dont see this getting more attention! this is so well made and the storyline is juicy!

Thank you so much, your enthusiasm is infectious! *:・゚✧ ❤ Your favorite character design?? Aaa, thank you so much!! Who do you like most? ❤


Ahhh this game is amazing! The art is wonderful, and the music fits the scenes so well! Not to mention the captivating story :} I can't wait to see where it goes in the future <3

Thank you so much! I hope that it will only get better and that you will love seeing it progress!


honestly this game is great and the art is gorgeous. very excited to see more :)

Thank you so much for this sweet comment! I hope you will enjoy the future content; we are working hard on it! *:・゚✧❤

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Nice, looking forward for updates and what you will do with  game in the future. I'm curious, have you thought about letting people 3d print some of the stuff from the game? 

Thank you!! I hope you will enjoy the future content!!

I think I need a little more context on what you mean by 3D printing stuff from the game, but I'd love to hear what you're thinking! Can you tell me more? *:・゚✧

Well, basically any 3d model can be 3d printed. And with 3d printers becoming cheaper every day. You could have some of your characters available to 3d print. 

That's true! It's something we have considered, but unfortunately we don't have 3D models of our characters, which means somebody would first have to create the models. 


Been like a year or so since I last played, not a lot of new content, but I enjoyed it so much I actually don't feel even remotely disappointed.

Aww, thank you so much!! With only two of us, it's hard for us to keep working on it outside our regular jobs (which are also in making videogames haha) and I'm really happy and grateful that you still enjoy the old content enough that it doesn't disappoint! I hope we can make a lot of great progress in 2021. ❤


Thanks a lot for this amazing piece of art.

Love u all, make sure to prioritize your healthy, kissus from Brazil to wherever you are.(○` 3′○)

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You're very welcome, thank you for saying such nice things about it!
We'll do our best to prioritize our health and still make the game happen. ( •̀_•́)ง ✧


is the game still being made 


It is! Thanks for checking in on us so regularly. It means a lot to us that you keep coming back to ask ❤


My skeleton likes another skeleton officially haha I love Deka they are too cute and I love how in depth the characters are its really refreshing and sweet.


Official skeleton love!! What a good match.
Thanks so much!! I'm really glad you like the story- and Deka ❤✧


Hi! So I just wanted to ask how far along you are, and maybe when a final release might be foreseeable? I loved the game back when I bought it in 2017 and also after I bought the glasses content when that came out, but I held off from playing it after that when I realized the content was quite short and the routes would end quickly. There were also huge gaps in updates between 2017-presently,  so I figured this was a build at your own pace game, due to outside factors like school or work. With that in mind I figure the game still won't be finished just yet, especially since it looks like 2 more characters were added since I last played, but could you elaborate vaguely even on when you think all the routes will be finished or when there's another update? Thx so much and thank-you for your hard work!


yeah, i was wondering that too ,,,


I hope the response can answer your questions as well! If there are other things you are wondering, let me know. c:


Thanks so much for this really sweet comment, and for being there for us from the beginning, over such a long time.  That means a lot to us 😭

We'd really like to finish it soon but it's not very possible mostly because of the size, and because of the other factors you mentioned. We both have full time jobs and our financial situation has for a long while not been stable enough to handle much turbulence, so when things go wrong we end up losing all our time to fixing it. 

However, usually during that time there is still some work getting done on Monstrata even as we lose track of social media. In this case, we have the writing and new sprite ready for the next update, and it needs to be implemented with expressions and backgrounds. (We also need to make more backgrounds and silhouettes.) Usually that would be a couple of weeks of work, but it's unsure because of the training for a separate team member on implementation who we have brought on to  get the updates out faster in the future.

It should safely be within a month, and then crossed fingers that the next one could be within another 2 months.  We'd really like to keep up that rate if possible, but unfortunately it would still take six more months to finish chapter 2, and a year for each chapter after that. :(

Because of that, we resigned ourselves that finishing is not as urgent a goal as making regular updates and increasing their size and frequency over time.  Size, we have, as the next one is 13,000 words! Frequency, we are always working on- We're hoping the latest process changes (and a little life stabilization) will make a big difference.

I hope that info is helpful! Let me know if you have any more questions. c:


No prob! Thanks for the reply and this is completely understandable. Tbh I figured the game  had prob lacked somewhat in progress due to outside factors (which  no offense hopefully, since there is nothing wrong with that! We have to take care of ourselves right? Plus life is life, so it's cool).  I'm just glad you responded to let me know, I appreciate that.  I love playing  visual novels in general, so since it'd been a while since I last played your game and I just wanted to know where you guys were at. Once again thanks so much for the reply! Have a good week, and stay happy and healthy!


You too! ❤ Thanks for being so understanding, and once again thanks for checking in! ✧


AAA god this game is  so far amazing , i played trough every route ;-; ,,NIKO BEST BOII

Wow I'm so glad you liked it so much!! And that Nikolai is so loved as well! About his being the best... I think he would agree with you. ;) ✧

Hope this gets updated soon! Really loved the setting and plot so far, and the characters are interesting!


Thank you!! We're changing how we do things so this update took a very long time, but it should be ready to be updated soon! We'll know when in the next couple of weeks. ✧

This game is super cute! I can't wait until it's finished.

Thanks!! We'll work hard to finish it as fast as we can. ( •̀ _ •́ )ง ✧

I LOVE this VN! I will support for the full game. 

I'm really glad you love it so much- Thanks for your support! 💕

Of course!:)


The last update was released 6 months ago... I hope we'll get an update, at least some sort of life update soon. I just want to know what's up with the game and the dev team, are they okay, and will they continue to update this VN?   


There are more recent updates on their patreon




Thank you for posting this! 💞


Sorry for the long delay in response! We really appreciate that you checked in on us. ❤

I hope you found useful info on the patreon, as of today there is a new public post (that will also be posted to the devlog here): To sum it here, we are ok and still working on content for the game! We also made some changes to how we do things so that there shouldn't be such long pauses anymore. c:

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This story has an ability to draw you in and has been a delight to play so far!! I'm really excited to see what's coming next! 

Thanks so much! We're excited to show you. ❤♪


I love the last picture where the all have  glasses. Even Deka :D


Ahh, thank you!! That picture shows what you get when you download the Glasses DLC -- glasses for everyone!! I feel like it's really cute that everyone has their own taste in the kind of glasses they wear. It really gives a feeling for each of their characters!! I hope someday I'll see fans draw pictures of the glasses versions...!!! 

Thank you so much for your support and cute comment!! 💕✨🌠


I love this story so much! The writing and art is phenomenal! I'm blown away!  It's been a little while since the last update, so I hope that this isn't a sign of discontinuation. :( 

Love you guys!!


Hello! Thank you so much for your support and your sweet comment!! Sorry about the delay, we're often a bit behind the update schedule we'd really like to adhere to. But we are absolutely not discontinuing the project! That's not something we even think about doing. Monstrata is the most important thing in our lives and we're determined to complete it!

Thank you so much, we really appreciate it. 💕💕


hello hello! how are things coming along? can we expect an update sometime soon? ^^


Hello Sandpixie, thanks for checking in on us!! We've been working hard to get the update wrapped and I'll have some exciting progress updates up on Patreon in the next few days!! If I remember correctly, I believe I have about 5000 words of the update written now, it just needs a few more scenes and then to get implemented into the game. Thank you for your patience and support!! 💕

I really love this game but i have a problem or i dont understand very well, if i get right the update is for reading the new chapter of cailean but i tried to dowland the new update and i don't see it, like when i finish chapter 1, it ends at that point, could help me?


It still just a demo, they are working as fast as they can, but i totally understand its a beautiful game. 


Thank you so much for your support!!✨💕

Hi Erecarter! Are you still having this issue? Can you tell me a bit more about what happens when you play through Cailean's route and get to chapter 2? Thank you for bringing this up! I hope we can help you out!!

Hi, yes i still have the problem, i just played from the start and when i get to the end of episode 1, un the screen it says that's the end of the game, thank you for your help

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Could you grab a screenshot of the in-game About page, to make sure you're on the correct version number? Should look like this.

Yes, i have that version number but i don't why i can't see the chapter 2 of Cailean and i can't add the image, but i have that version.

Would you mind emailing your log.txt file to us? You should be able to find it directly in the game folder. Let us know if you have trouble finding it. 

Email to:


it'd be cute if Cailean started emoting with his tail more. It seems within the physical abilities of his tail, but since it's more fish I don't know how much of his tail movements is subconsciously attuned to his mood/feelings. How his tail is drawn rn says to me he's either emoting is reserved because of how he's normally treated, or he's simply keeping his tail tucked in to keep it from getting stepped on...

 But like maybe if he gets comfortable around Sawyer they'll notice his tail swishes around just a bit more when he's content or happy. And/or mayyybe he'd at least wrap his tail around Sawyer as like a gesture of affection (like a kind of hug/embrace/cuddle) or maybe as a gesture of protectiveness (Like if Tre for example acted aggressive toward Sawyer again and Cailean glares and rings his tail around them like a shield implying "don't touch")?

idk I want Cailean's tail to have a bit more attention drawn to it since you can't really see it in the game and honestly if I was Sawyer I'd be so interested in it. 


Thanks for playing and commenting!! 💕 We'd definitely like to add some little animations like this to the character sprites at some point in the future. Cailean's tail might be a little lower priority because it's often hidden behind the text box or offscreen, but we're definitely considering it!! Other animations we'd like to do include movement for Cailean's ears and Nikolai's face feathers, and additional poses for characters that don't have a lot of potential for casual motion, such as Deka and Vivietta. 

I don't think we'll be able to put it in the game, but you could write that scene idea in a fanfic!! I would love to read it, it sounds very cute! (You can also check out what other people have written here!!) ✨ Thank you so much!! 



unfortunately I don't have money to donate/contribute......

but,I hope that you'll continue to make this wonderful game!

That's okay! You can contribute by telling your friends about it, too!

Thank you so much for your support!! We'll do our best!! <3

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I love how “phone calls with your mother” is a feature. Imma get this now.

Please enjoy having many phone calls with your mother, haha! We hope you like the game!! Thank you for commenting!! <3

I'm on the Mac version, trying to run the dlc. It can't open the dialogue window and it claims I don't have tkinter. I have tkinter. I have re-downloaded everything and it refuses to run the dialogue window. Any help would be great.


I'm passing this on to the programming half of the team. We've seen this issue reported at least once before but since we don't have a Mac to test on, we haven't been able to address it. I'm so sorry about the trouble. D: I'll ask her if there's a way we can patch it for you.

Thank you for your support!!!



I'm so happy that there was an update!

I think the missing persons are trapped between planes, that the humans accidentally crossed into the 'monster' world, and the 'monsters' crossed accidentally into the human world. I think this is because of us going back and forth from the human and 'monster' world, that the Unsight isn't working as effectively anymore. I think that our school is in on it as well, like they're hiding some secrets. 🤨

Or I might be completely wrong. 😅

But I can't wait to figure out what's going on. 😃

Wow, I'm living for all these theories!! Obviously I can't answer any of them yes or no, but I love hearing about them!! 

Thank you so much for playing and for sharing your thoughts, they're so great!! <3 

Hey quick question, I'm using the itch app for the computer and I'm wondering if the update is sent automatically (?) ? Because I got an email, and I see in chrome the update notes but in the itch app it just says to launch (when usually there's a download update.) 

Yes, if you're using the itch desktop app and one of the supported builds of Monstrata, then itch will download any updates automatically. c: (There are a few older builds that it will not do this for, which have been removed from the page.) 

As I understand it, this is because we update the game through's assistant, butler, rather than by adding completely new builds to the page. That may be why it updates automatically for Monstrata, but may not do the same for other games where the developers have chosen not to do that. 

Thank you for playing!! Let us know if you have more questions!!

Ohh!! Okay thank you <33


I just played through for the first time without the DLC (which I'm now going to get) and honestly I'm blown away with the depth that's just in the first two chapters! I'll have to play again with different choices and whatnot. Really great game! Please keep up the great work! <3

Thank you so much for playing and supporting us by getting the DLC!! We really appreciate you commenting on the depth of the story and hope that you continue to enjoy the game as it's updated and you try other paths through it!! Thank you!! <3


Just finished playing...I was so hooked on Elsie and I thought things was going pretty good until Mom called and the mysterious letter appeared..What else can happen??????? Oh right my room mate coming into room...OKAY i am 10000% intrigued!!!! I rate 400 thumbs up!!!!!!!

AHH thank you so much!!! <3 <3  There's so much going on, right? It seems like the excitement is starting to ramp up!! 

Thank you so much for playing!! We hope you'll enjoy the future updates as well!! <3 <3 <3


Finished the new content some minutes ago. Not all routes, just 3.

Okay, something is definitely not right in this dimention. I know I expected that kind of behavior from Nikolai, but Elsie and Cailean? That's just weird, and I don't like it. And now our roommate, too?

Ahahaha, I like that it was expected of Nikolai. Well, they surely all have their reasons, right? c: Thank you for playing, and I hope the next update will answer some questions and be more satisfying for you! <3 



This is so exciting!

I'm looking forward for more!


Thank you so much!! We already have the next part written, so hopefully there will be more soon~ <3 


Wahhhh please moarrrr!

I need more Dekaaaaaaaa! D:

Loved the demo :D


Thank you so much!!! There's a new update now; I hope you will like it!!!

MAN! I just played the new update and I love it - just a bit salty that I couldn't say that it was a date :( but it doesn't really matter cus the PLOT THICKENS!

Thank you for the update :D


I finished this demo a few hours ago, and honestly this is one of the best things i've ever read-i forgot that it was a demo and i was very sad because i was so into it, i wanted to play moore. 😛

It is very true that each character will give the player a different perspective on things in the game. Each character has their own charm, i can't choose a favorite! I can't wait for updates!

P.S. My first language isn't English, sorry for any mistakes 😅

P.S. 1. Are you planning on including CG's in further stages of development?

Oh my god, that's so sweet of you to say!!! Wow... <3

Well, if you want to play more, there is an update out now!! And, to answer your question, it even includes the first CG... c: <3 

(Also, no worries, your English is fine! <3 I wouldn't have guessed it was your second language!)

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