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i liked the demo, i think the drawings are done very well and the concept is cool. My favourite so far is Deka.  just wondering if Nikolei will get a bit nicer.  I'm pretty sure if I was the MC at one point i'd end up slapping him, maybe make this an option. ;) Would love to see some humility whacked into him.

Still I can't wait for the full release to see what this becomes. Any idea on ETA?

Also is this commercial, if so how much it will it be?

I'm wondering the same things! I'm so ready for the full game. 

can't wait

Hello, I'm here to answer some questions!

Will slapping Nikolai be an option? Possibly! At the very least, giving him a well-deserved verbal smackdown seems quite likely...

Full release ETA: We're hoping the game will be completed by the end of the year. However, we're planning to roll out semi-regular updates every few months with new events and characters, so check back often! c:

The game will continue to be a free game even when it is fully released. c: We're planning to release some DLC as well as physical merchandise, but the game itself will remain free!

Thank you for your lovely questions, let me know if you have any more! Thank you for playing! <3

Thanks for the reply, can't wait for the next update, and hope you guys are doing well

Omg, this game is amazing, more so that the characters are mystical creatures! I have a large intrest in such creatures so much that I am currently studying them as a hobby along with Wiccan. This  game really made my day and I can't wait for an update!

Oh that's awesome!! Mythical creatures are so fascinating, and there are so many of them and so many variations on the lore of each one!! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and are looking forward to the update! Thank you for commenting, and good luck with your studies!!

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hi, hello, i absolutely ADORED this little game?? you only go on one date with him but i would probably die for cailean i'm not gonna lie. thank you so much for putting it out there, and i'm going to be waiting with baited breath for the next update!!! 

Ahhh, I'm so glad you enjoyed what we have so far!! In the next update, you can go on another date with him and maybe learn a little more about him!! Thank you for your sweet comment and for playing the game!!! <3

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I'm sorry but will it be possible in the future to make the protagonist blond and  with straight hair?... Or at least just blond?)

We don't currently have a plan for expanding on the character customizer, but we'll definitely keep your suggestions in mind if we add to it! Thank you for commenting! I hope you enjoyed the other updates to the game! <3

OMG NEW VERSION *dies from the excite *


I hope you enjoy it!!! Let us know what you think!!!

it's good am glad i get to put a face to the player character now

I just found your game and it looks really great. I don't really enjoy playing unfinished games, so is it okay to ask how close you are to releasing full thing?

Of course it's okay to ask!! I understand that,  absolutely.  Though I'm not sure I can give you a satisfactory answer...

The current version is 15k words, and we're hoping to give it another 15k word update on every couple months until it's complete.  Ideally, it would be finished by the end of the year. I can't guarantee that's how things will play out, but that is our current goal.  Does that answer your question? c:

Also, thank you for saying it looks great, we appreciate that! 

Love the lore NEED MORE

Thank you so much for the video, you guys had me cracking up the whole time!!

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WOW! Nikolai is fantastic! I love his personality! He's so hooot , sassy and intriguing, and his design is marvellous! I also like that he's mean) Can't wait to play his complete route.
I can't say I'm interested in dating Cailean or Deka... let's say they both aren't my types but Nikolai made me fall in love with him!
Sorry for my english. Greetings from Italy) And good luck with the game.

This is one of our favorite comments because it's so honest. I really love how people are so aware that Nikolai is mean and terrible... but they still like him!
Your English is great, no need to apologize!! Hello from the US!! Thank you for your support!!

ooohhh i love it!!! can't wait for more

Thanks for your support!! I hope you love the rest of it too!! <3

I've just played through the demo. It's a very good game, and remembered me from "Tusks", which's not just about dating people but also allows you to know more about the characters, their origins, what they like and etc, which's great! :)

Also, I've just felt in love with Deka, haha, even though Cailean also seems a nice guy to hang with.

Anyway, best wishes for you and your team and I'll be looking forward to the full version. :)


Thank you for this great comment!! I'm really glad you felt like you were really getting to know the characters, I hope that feeling continues when you play the rest!

Ahhh, Deka is so cute, I'm excited that they're your favorite!! Cailean is also very sweet, good choices!

Thank you for wishing us well, and thank you for playing!!

Thanks for the reply. Keep up the good work, heh.

Yeah. Deka is such a little sweetheart, isn't them ? And also you get to know more about these being's lore. Looking forward to see the MC give him some more love, and maybe... a first "kiss" if possible ? (I never though I'd found skeletons cute, haha. But like Skelly from "Monster Girl Gamu" and Sans from "Undertale", Deka is one of a GOOD kind, you know)

No problem. Hope you folks have a nice weekend. ;)

A first kiss is certainly a possibility!! I hope you are still looking forward to more of Deka!!!

Oh, nice, and of course I'm very interested in our lovely skeleboy's storyline. :)

Keep up the good work.

A monster boy game? I think I'm in love. also"Pronoun options!" Man you have no idea how much I love those options in games. Especially when they have a third option. I can't wait  to buy the full thing!

Thanks for commenting!! I'm glad you love the monster boys!!

Pronoun options are so fun! They're not hard to implement, either, especially if you don't have art for the MC. (Which we intend to add later, but we'll still have pronoun options, of course!) We wish the pronoun options were a bit better implemented in our game, but it's something we intend to clean up in a later update, so that will be a little smoother.  Thank you for playing!!


Awww, the demo was great! Personally I enjoyed Nikolai the most ('cause I love the asshole-guy type in general). And his design! Magnificent!

Looking forward for the whole game!

Ahhh, thank you for the comment!! I personally also really enjoy Nikolai, he's so absolutely terrible that it makes him great fun to write! Our artist/lead developer designed him before we decided on his personality, so we kind of just went with something that matched his glamorous aesthetic. Thank you for playing!!

ow wow, I thought it was the other way around (character -> design)! But either way it worked out great! 

I have a spoiler question about the alkonost-gender thing ;D is it OK to ask here or better wait?))

If you join our Discord server, you can ask in the #spoilers channel, and I'll answer you there! (If I can!) I'm excited for your question!

This was really a cute game, and I had fun learning about the characters. It was over too quickly though! I really wanted to play more. 

I'll be looking forward to the next update (full version?).

My favorite character was Cailean. I thought he was the sweet, nice guy.

Thank you for your lovely comment!! Sorry it was over so quick - we'll update it with more content as soon as we can!!

I'm glad you like Cailean, he's a good boy. <3 Thanks for playing!!

Hello, is there a full version available or is it just the game jam version? Just curious and I'll be downloading either way! :o

Currently, only the jam version is available. We're working on updating the jam version to be more polished, and then we'll be updating it to include the rest of the existing script to make it 35k+ words. After that, we are interested in expanding it even further with more plot and a couple more romance routes, but we have to see how things work out before then!

Thank you for downloading! We hope you enjoy it! <3

I just finished Nikolai's route and I loved it! Can't wait for more <3 

It's really well made and I was hooked within the first 5 minutes!

We're so happy you loved it!!! Thank you so much for the sweet comment. <3 Feel free to check out our Discord if you wanna chat about it!

The art in this game is phenomenal! Nikolai's colors are gorgeous. I have to say, Deka is my favorite all around though. I'm very interested to see where this game goes.

Thank you so much!! We're so happy you love the art, and can't wait to see what you think after the update, when there will be a lot more character expressions!

Deka is a sweet and fun character, though often the trickiest to write! We're really excited they have fans! What about them makes them your favorite? c:

Check back soon for an updated version! Thanks for commenting! <3

I love this so much! Monster boys are my ultimate weakness. <3

The love interests are great and  I really like Nikolai's personality, but that's probably because I find the mean and sassy character types intriguing. Cailean is best boy though. Can't wait to see more!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! We're so glad you're excited for our monster boys. <3

Nikolai is certainly the most fun to write, because he's awful haha! We really appreciate that you like both him and Cailean!! (Nikolai is my favorite, but Cailean is the other dev's favorite, so we get excited when other people tell us their favorites!) If we end up expanding as much as we'd like, we'll add more love interests too, and we hope you'll like them just as much! <3 Thank you for commenting!

I'm so so excited for this, I can't wait to see how things change as you update it! The art is gorgeous and the premise is really fun.


Ahhh, thank you!!! Check back by the end of this week and we should have an update for the current version to be more visually polished! We'll hopefully have a story update before the end of the year too - the script is complete up to 37k, we just haven't had time to implement it yet.

Thank you so much for the lovely comment, we appreciate it!!

I really enjoyed the demo! The setting of the game is really interesting  and I like that it's set in college. I'm kind of confused about how the MC starts the day off in a class with non-humans though. Is there a monster and a human professor in the same room? Can't wait to see where this game goes, and of course for a continuation of Nikolai's route. <3

Thank you so much for the comment!!

I did think about that while writing it - it's not very clear in the story, but the idea would be that the monster world and the human world are having a class in the same room at the same time, but MC can see the monsters (and possibly can't see some or all of the humans.) The professor could be the monster one or the human one - this is something I'd like to clear up and expand on in a future update, I just didn't have time before the deadline. Sorry I can't do a better job of answering your question right now, but thank you for asking!

I'm also so happy that you like Nikolai!!! I was a bit worried about him, I confess! He's certainly not everyone's cup of tea, haha!

Thanks for answering my question, it will be really fun to see how the story fleshes out in the future!

Nikolai definitely isn't a very nice guy, but his attitude and arrogance makes me laugh and he is such a fun character . I also happen to really like his design as well!

It's true, he can be downright nasty, even! (And he's even worse in the longer version!!) But I'm glad it's funny even when he's being awful, certainly I amused myself while writing his dialogue. I love his design too, it's so flashy!!

We'll try to have the update out soon, sorry about the delay!

Great demo! Got me really interested in the world you've created, and I absolutely adore Deka . Can't wait for the final version!

It may sound silly, but is the lack of any sound a bug or something you simply not yet included?

It's not silly to ask at all! We just ran out of time to implement sound, it's our own silly fault. We'll add it in future updates though!

We're so happy that you like the world and Deka's character!! Thanks so much for playing and commenting!

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