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Today should have been just another typical day onboard the newly-built Space Station Zentri. Unfortunately, due to a long string of costly mistakes, the station finds itself in a crisis. An asteroid storm is closing in... and everyone is still on board.

Luckily, the personnel of the space station are being evacuated as quickly as possible. As one of the few skilled pilots on staff, you've been chosen to get them to safety. But you'd better make every second count...

Astrum Dare is an interactive visual novel game made over one weekend for Ludum Dare 42. The decisions you make are critical and will decide both your fate and the fates of those around you. It features approximately ~10,000 words, over 8 different endings, and a challenging puzzle segment that might just be the difference between life and death.

Content Warnings:

  • Major Character Death
  • Language
  • Violence
  • Visual effects & flashing lights


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yo mate how are you meant to do the puzzle i need some more bloody hints its ticking me off


Can't figure out the pruzzles, so... bad ending. Waitin for a tutorial



This is really good for ludum dare, I havent gotten all the endings yet but I ship fera and misha just saying

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I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing through this game.

It's not a fart huffing simulator like most visual novels, the characters are down to earth and make sense.

The devs are really polite and gracious as well.


Well, I played it! And liked it a whole lot! The visual design of the characters is very lovely to look at. I like their sparkly appearances and different colors, and the mouth animation was interesting, 'cause I think images in vns are usually static. I could be wrong though. The characters themselves were also interesting. 

I did try to solve the impossible puzzle a few times, before dropping it and working on the next two. The puzzles themselves were fun to do. At first, I had trouble understanding what was being asked of me, and how to do it, but I figured it out in the end, so the difficulty was appropriate. 

I decided to play your game was because of the characters' pretty appearances (I just love sparkly things, ok) and because it was a puzzle game. I love puzzles. At any rate, if you make another game, with or without puzzles, I'd happily play it! 


wow you're amazing

Ahahaha, well thank you very much!!! <3


I have seen some of the comments saying the puzzle is impossible. I didn't try it as, it did look quite hard i'm sure that's the challenge in it. I was going to attempt it but, my let's play was getting long. The game itself is fun. I enjoyed you played as, an alien race or, so i'm  guessing as, the other races are of some galaxy like material. I think that's an interesting concept instead of just being human all the time.

Thank you so much for sharing your let's play with us!! We're so pleased you enjoyed it, and if you end up making a second video for this game, let us know!! <3


Hi just wondering is this a demo or nah :)?

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This is a Ludum Dare game, so it's a little short because it was made in 72 hours! It is a full, completed game. :)


I ruined everything...I'M SO SORRY

It's okay, you can always try again!!! 
Thank you so much for playing another one of our games. <3 We love watching you!!!


Why must you torture me with an imposible puzzle? I replayed so many times to try and save everyone only to realise that the first puzzle is completely impossible. (That's why there's only 8 endings.)


I'm sure they appreciate you trying so hard to save them all. :c </3 Thank you very much for playing, I hope you enjoyed it regardless. c:




What's up? c: Questions about the game we can help you with?


nah ,just like posting comments like hmmmmmmmmmm to say hi.


Oh, hello then!! c: Did you enjoy the game? c:

Not yet, but will soon!

Sad sad